Next Home Product

Welcome! Welcome! Tell us what home product you think we should design and create next. Can’t wait to hear all of your suggestions!



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Hola! Happy to be here. :dizzy: I’m excited to see all things EE! :old_key:

Some items I’d personally like include:

  • wine glasses
  • dessert plates/appetizer plates
  • wine decanter

And while I clearly like wine, I’d love an EE cookbook. Does that count as a homeware creation? Not sure, but I’m sticking to it. :smile:

Super excited to hear everyone else’s thoughts! :wine_glass:

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Hi Lisann!!! Thanks for providing your input. Keep the suggestions coming, including putting into the universe an EE cookbook. I would die!!!



I second that request!!! Along with some beautiful plates and silverware!

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Thank you! Definitely keep the ideas coming.